Dark of the Moon Trailer

Leader Class - Premium Megatron features a new head sculpt and a darker color scheme. Megatronâ?TMs outlandish Cybertronian jet mode looks a little bit like one of Leonardo da Vinciâ?TMs flying machines. A towering, bulky, dinosaur-footed monstrosity, bearing a slightly simplified version of the movie Megatronâ?TMs intricate armor plating, Megatron boasts a reasonably high level of articulation. His special features include electronic sounds and lights, a launching claw that becomes a chain whip, and arms that combine to form a fusion cannon. Initially Megatron was Cybertronâ?TMs designated Lord High Protector, although eventually he succumbed to his consuming lust for the Allspark. Megatronâ?TMs agenda placed him in opposition of Optimus Prime and the Autobot militia gathered to the cause.

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